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The innovative design of Koro-Trans PebbleTread provides exceptional traction characteristics and sets the highest performance standard for school bus safety.

Long service life, superior drainage & cleanability, and flame resistance make PebbleTread the ideal choice.

NM = "non-metallic"

Koro-TransOne-Piece Floors

Koro-Trans One-Piece Flooring is designed to meet the demands of today's transit applications.

With One-Piece Flooring, installation is simple! It eliminates the need for aisle trim providing a more attractive appearance. Once installed, it is virtually impervious to moisture penetration.

Astra Flor

The Astra Flor™ System is suited for all types of bus applications. The metal flake texture will enhance any vehicle interior.

Choose the flooring weight that suits your requirement: 1.8mm, 2.2mm, or 3.0mm

Astra Flor™ options include all smooth, or smooth/rib full width one piece construction. Combine with our Nosings and Step Treads to complete the system.


Koro-Sound™ is a game changer.

At just 1/8” thick, Koro-Sound™ will substantially reduce unwanted noise.

This material offers lasting durability, excellent flame and moisture resistance, high tensile strength and a stand alone Sound Transmission Classification rating [STC] of 26.


Koro-Stop™ Roll Stop helps to safely prevent cylindrical, roll type items from inadvertent movement.

Available in 4 different sizes as either an individual item or packages of 12 per box.

Koro-Stop™ is equally able to improve safety in an industrial setting or hold the door for you when you need it.


Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Typical Specifications for PebbleTread-NM

Step treads shall be manufactured to OEM Color and dimensional specifications using abrasion resistant Koro-Trans thermoplastic compounds in an offset raised pebble pattern.

Nominal pebble dimensions shall be: 0.250" diameter and 0.125" in height.

Nominal pebble spacing shall be 0.680" center to center. The pebble pattern shall be in rows, with each row offset 0.340" from the preceding row.

Step Treads shall have an integral bright white nosing with an impact resistant rigid polymer wear-guard on the leading edge. Tread and nosing shall be fused forming a seamless joint and shall be permanently bonded to non-metallic (NM) Koro-Trans polymer step backing.

The step tread shall be certified by the manufacturer to meet the above specifications and to have completed 24-months of in-service testing without a failure.


Rib PebbleTread-NMDrawing

Rib NM Drawing

White or Yellow Rib Nosing Drawing


Astra FlorTextured Step Tread Drawing

Astra FlorTextured Nosing



KORO-TRANS™ FLOORING: Adhesive Recommendations

Adhesive Selection

Hydra FAST-EN® 20760

Hydra-FAST-EN is a registered trademark of Royal Adhesives & Sealants, LLC

Silaprene® M6230

Silaprene is a registered trademark of Royal Adhesives & Sealants, LLC


Cleaning Instructions

Flooring Repair

PVC Cement



Flame Resistance: Koro-Trans vs the Import

Construction: Koro-Trans vs the Import

Abrasion: Koro-Trans vs the Import

Rapid Fire SMI Step Tread Failures

Impact Resistance: Koro-Trans vs the Import