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Soundproof your project with Koro-Sound ™ by ProFusion Industries

Koro-Sound™ is the next generation of ProFusion Industries commitment to excellence. To assist with soundproofing, and mitigation of unwanted noise, we have developed an acoustical barrier to address sound related problems in multiple environments. Formulated as a solid construction material and designed for sound abatement in construction projects, Koro-Sound™ by itself achieves a Sound Transmission Classification [STC] rating of 26. A primary objective for architects, designers, and builders as a group is to use the best combination of materials to achieve the highest STC ratings possible. When Koro-Sound™ is used or specified as an underlayment in walls, ceilings, and flooring assemblies, it will greatly contribute towards this primary objective of greater STC ratings for completed projects.

This product will also contribute to buildings achieving LEED® credits according to the U.S. Green Building Council rating system. It meets or exceeds flame resistance specification MVSS302 Flame Testing parameters and passes UL 94 with a "self-extinguishing" classification. Koro-Sound™ offers lasting durability, higher than average tensile strength, and abrasion resistance. It works naturally as a moisture – water barrier, and offers superior resistance to weathering and ozone degradation.

Applications for Koro-Sound™ include new and remodeled residential or commercial buildings. Installation of Koro-Sound™ acoustical barrier to walls, ceilings, and flooring assemblies positively impacts the sound transmission and penetration of sounds in these spaces. The material is flexible and easily installed. Refer to installation instructions.

Additionally, this product can be used to reduce unwanted noise in industrial settings. For example, installation of Koro-Sound™ in machinery cabinets to muffle loud noises produced by motors and gear boxes will help to reduce sound levels significantly.

Koro-Sound™ is a game changer. It offers sound elimination / sound reduction and ultimately peace of mind in many different environments.

You can literally hear the difference!