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Koro-Trans flooring is available in both industry standard and custom widths in both smooth and rib configurations to suit all OEM floor layouts. Koro-Trans flooring is also available in a one-piece construction where smooth and rib flooring components are constructed into a single piece. Both flooring styles meet the critical assembly and performance demands of today’s transit vehicles, offering lasting durability, easy installation and reduced waste.

OEM’s and service departments can select flooring kits comprised of custom lengths of smooth and rib flooring, or custom fabricated one-piece flooring. ProFusion Industries Koro-Trans flooring is specified because of its lasting durability. Koro-Trans flooring is ultra-violet and ozone resistant for a fade-free long life.

Koro-Trans flooring is manufactured from proprietary polymeric formulations. The Koro-Trans product exhibits exceptional physical properties that meet or exceed generally accepted industry standards for fire resistance and slip resistance including FMVSS 302, OSHA, ADA, and are resistant to moisture and oil absorption.

Specify full width, one-piece Koro-Trans flooring for the ultimate floor installation. Koro-Trans one-piece flooring is virtually impervious to moisture penetration and eliminates the need for aisle trim.

Koro-Trans one-piece flooring provides many benefits for buses and transportation vehicles of all kinds. Installation of Koro-Trans one-piece flooring is easier and decreases waste. When flooring is in one piece, the raised rib aisle is fused to the smooth side flooring. Joints are eliminated when one-piece flooring is used. One-piece flooring protects the subsurface from moisture seepage. Choose Koro-Trans one-piece transit flooring.

Koro-Trans flooring is permanently bonded directly to clean plywood or steel substrates by means of a plasticizer resistant adhesive. Several methods of adhesive application are available including spray, trowel and power roller.

The use of mechanically fastened wheel housing and wall cove materials is encouraged, adding aesthetic value as well as complementing flooring integrity.

The ProFusion Industries Technical Department is equipped to test adhesives for compatibility. Recommended testing includes 24 hour and 7 day ambient, as well as 7-day accelerated aging at 158°F to evaluate long-term compatibility. Testing requires a one-pint sample accompanied by a material safety data sheet. On-site training in equipment, usage and floor installation techniques is available.

Koro-Trans smooth and rib flooring is stocked in the industry-standard widths in black, blue, dark gray, light gray, tan, green, and mahogany.

ProFusion Industries product usage is fully supported with installation recommendations, including technical assistance during the adhesive selection process. Both solvent and water-based adhesive systems may be used with ProFusion Industries products.

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