ProFusion is excited to offer Koro-Mat again. Click for Press Release and watch for more details about our updated product line, coming soon!


ProFusion Industries products (formerly known as Koroseal™) offer a broad range of differentiated products with superior physical properties and long-term performance. Our proprietary manufacturing processes results in consistent quality and appearance.

Koro-Trans™ offers multiple value added features and benefits for transit flooring and Step Treads.

Flooring and Astra Flor™ are now available in a one-piece construction where smooth and rib flooring components are constructed into a single piece. Both flooring styles meet the critical assembly and performance demands of today's transit vehicles, offering lasting durability, easy installation and reduced waste.

PebbleTread™ – the premier product in vehicle and universal step tread design – is recognized for having exceptional traction and drainage qualities. Specified by a number of municipal and state transit agencies, PebbleTread™ is ideal for new vehicle installation, or for retrofit. Also for universal applications in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Characteristics - ProFusion's Koro-Trans™ products are manufactured from proprietary polymeric formulations that exceed industry standards. The unique qualities that define Koro-Trans™ flooring and step treads are:

  • lasting durability
  • excellent flame resistance
  • higher tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • lower water and oil absorption
  • superior resistance to weathering and ozone degradation
  • resistance to many harsh chemicals

Service – ProFusion provides exceptional quality and service that set the Company apart from the performance and reliability standards of the industry. The Company has an established history of providing durable flooring solutions used to furnish buses, vans, limousines, conversion vehicles and general public transportation vehicles.

Koro-Sound™ is a game changer. At just 1/8” thick,Koro-Sound™ will substantially reduce unwanted noise.This material offers lasting durability, excellent flame and moisture resistance, high tensile strength and a stand alone Sound Transmission Classification rating [STC] of 26. The material is available on a roll in four different width dimensions including 12”, 24”, 32” and 36”. Roll weights do not exceed 55 LBS. for ease of use in both residential and commercial construction applications.

Koro-Stop™ Roll Stop helps to safely prevent cylindrical, roll type items from inadvertent movement. Available in 4 different sizes as either an individual item or packages of 12 per box—Koro-Stop™ is equally able to improve safety in an industrial setting or hold the door for you when you need it.

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